Happy (American) Thanksgiving!

27 11 2010

“It’s beginning to [not] feel like Christmas”….

It’s hard to get into the holiday spirit when the weather is 80 degrees/26 degrees in Orlando, FL and you’re lazing around the pool eating ice cream, thinking it just might be time for a cool dip in the saltwater pool.  To be honest, I’ve become kind of a water bug this week – I swam in the deep end (not to be taken lightly), I jumped into the pool (for the first time in my adult life…those childhood memories are a little hazy), and I tried to sink to the bottom of the pool at the deep end, which didn’t quite go according to plan, it appears that I am too buoyant and Nathan had to pull me down the last 3 feet.

Despite the very un-Thanksgiving weather that we’ve been enjoying the past week, we did our very best to celebrate the holiday with a traditional feast.

We indulged in the standard turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and veggies; however, the Hyatt put out a fancier spread than that and we may have gorged ourselves on crab claws (already deshelled), oysters on the half shell, shrimp, and king crab legs.  There’s something so sinful about a platter of big crab claws, on ice, ready for you to pluck off the platter and drop into your mouth.  No fuss, no muss.  Although, I did dig into the hard to reach places for that extra crab meat, out of respect to the crab of course.

Dessert was just as sinful with a selection of chocolate truffles, chocolate fudge cake, key lime pie, pumpkin cheesecake flan, traditional pumpkin pie, tiramisu, etc.  I left my mark….in more ways than one, since I accidentally dropped a whole piece of the fudge cake on the floor in the corner – I’m sure they’ll find it at the end of the night….

As part of the American  traditions we even took part in the “Black Friday” sales; however, we did not join the crowds at the doors at midnight.    For our first attempt at “Black Friday” shopping we didn’t even make it off the exit the traffic was so bad, and for our second attempt we circled the parking lot and seeing the craziness decided that going to see a movie would be a much better idea.

Finally, at 7pm we decided to brave the outlet malls.  They say that playing Christmas music calms the hysteria of mass crowds……but I don’t think it was working.  Even at 8pm, 9pm, 10pm, people were still running around crazy, grabbing clothes, purses, leather anything, off of the racks and lining up at the register.  The people who weren’t running around were sitting at the food court or the common areas looking dazed with all of their shopping bags scattered around them.

We attempted to do another go around at the shopping frenzy today (Saturday) at a different outlet mall and circled the parking lot for half an hour as we just barely missed parking spot after parking spot.  After we finally parked and walked through the stores, I have come to realize that I like my shopping environments to be neat, clean and well-organized – by size and colour!  So, outlet malls on Black Friday, are just not for me.




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