Cherry – Bar – Bar

8 11 2010

I’m not at all embarrassed to admit that I may have yelled out, “The Lee’s are in the house!” at 2AM in a Vegas casino.  What else is there to do when you’re sitting with your brother and his girlfriend at the penny slots and ding ding ding ding ding ding….the lights are going off right, left, and center.  Jami (James) and I are killing it!  While unfortunately Sarah squandered her fortune ($5)….sorry Sarah.

But when I hit a CHERRY – BAR – BAR…  Well everyone knows what happens when you hit the CHERRY – BAR – BAR with a TRIPLE DIAMOND!!.  That’s right!  Winner Winner Winner!  We all had to stop and pause while my winnings kept adding up.  And when you’re at a 2 cent machine, the pennies can take a long time to accumulate.

Like any smart slot player, I immediately cashed out.

But as I sat watching my brother play (and win), I couldn’t help it.  I slipped that ticket back in the machine….and I’m back in the game!

BAR – BAR – CHERRY!  Wait a minute, how come that doesn’t mean anything?  7 – 7 – CHERRY!  Surely that has to be a winner!  Why don’t these combinations mean anything?  As Jami cashed out his winnings, I couldn’t help but feel like my win was just one press of the button away.  Until…I had to accept the inevitable.  I quit while I was ahead, and left the slots, licking my wounds.  Not to worry, VEGAS didn’t take my fortunes away!  I left the casino with my winnings – 64 cents!

To keep our monies in our pocket, we all distracted ourselves with other Vegas entertainment – Love: The Beatles Cirque du Soleil, the Bellagio buffet, dinner at Mon Ami Gabi at Paris, champagne toasts in the hotel suite at sunset, and walking the strip hand in hand.

My will power is weak and while waiting to go into the Love theatre I thought I’d try my hand at a 25 cent slot machine.  I don’t think I’ve ever lost money faster than I did in this moment.

And so, the truth comes out.  I leave Vegas, MINUS $19.36.  I shake my fists of fury!  LAS VEGAS, YOU WIN AGAIN!!!




3 responses

10 11 2010

I take such lovely pictures of you two. I should just follow you guys around with a camera all the time.

11 11 2010

It’s true! You should be our very own paparazzi!

11 11 2010

Great shots Traci, that last one should make the Christmas card, LOL

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