Walk First. Dance Second

27 10 2010

So I continued my tour of teeny-bopper shows this year:  Glee, American Idol and now….So You Think You Can Dance (but this time I brought Nathan).  You’d think I’d be over the screaming teenage fans and the funny signs like this one.

No, I did not make it.

But the person who did was sitting behind us.  And the screaming girls with the homemade fan t-shirts were sitting in front of us. So, as you can imagine we were right in the thick of everything.  But you’d be surprised that it wasn’t all teenage girls.  There were a lot of older couples and some of the first people to give standing ovations were the older men!

Contemporary.  Jazz.  Banghra.  Hip Hop.  BBoy & Krunk.  All different dance routines for 2 1/2 hours.  It was great.  But as all of these routines were taking place 45 feet from my seat I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the physical fitness of all of these dancers – ridiculously strong legs, flexed back muscles, 6-pack abs.  I even looked at their feet!  And if you know me, you know I hate feet.  I couldn’t help thinking to  myself, and a few times saying out loud, ‘they are so fit’.  And then I may have sighed.

And as I watched all of these amazing dancers, I couldn’t help but remember what happened before the show, which would be me, falling down the stairs as I was heading to my seat.  I heard the collective, “oohhh” when I fell, and I scraped my new shoes!  No one asked but I told everyone, ‘I think I’m ok’. So…I think I can dance (free style not choreography) but perhaps I better work on my walking…




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