When Boredom Strikes

30 09 2010

You know the signs.  You look in your calendar and there’s a lot of blank spots.  You start planning your week to realize that it’s wide open.  And you try to think of something that’s happened in the last few weeks, to come up empty handed and to realize that thing’s are just pretty boring right now.

So I have no grand stories of feeding baby lion cubs, or of watching orca whales in the wild, or of crazy celebrity sightings. But I do have funny little regular life stories – the little things that become big things when there aren’t any BIG things to talk about.

I hit a bird.

Or maybe, a bird hit me.

All I know is that I was driving, in traffic, it was 4pm on a random Wednesday and I noticed a flock of birds flying in front of me.  And then WHAM.  One didn’t fly high enough and it clipped the top of my windshield.  This is a first for me, and all I could think of was that little bird, struggling against the wind, thinking ‘I just need to get a little higher…damn this tail wind!’.  It may have left a little mark on the car.

There was a kitten/cat adoption day at the mall on the weekend.  I couldn’t help but go around to every cat, sticking my fingers inside the cage to stroke some fur, tickle some paws or scratch behind their ears.  And then I did a second lap of the kittens.  And then, as only the true “cat people” understand, I couldn’t help but start a third lap before I was reigned in and dragged away.  They’re just so cute!

And then there was the day that we discovered a new grocery store.  And to be honest, it was a pretty big deal.  It’s like a whole new world opens up when you have a new place to shop, to browse the aisles, and check out the exotic cheeses and the huge selection of olive oil.  Suddenly I felt like I needed everything…like miniature decorative gourds.  It’s kind of like when you first discover Ikea and you come  home with decorative pillows, a lucky bamboo plant and a randomly shaped lamp that doesn’t give off much light.   But, I have to admit, out of this new grocery store came some pretty good meals.

Marinated chicken breasts on the BBQ with mushroom couscous and a vegetable medley

One last thing….It’s POMEGRANATE SEASON!




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