There’s No Place Like Home

29 08 2010

It’s always fun to take a look around your hometown and discover it in a whole new light.  I think that everyone can relate to the feeling that at one point in time they have taken their hometown, and all of its wonders, for granted.  And I think everyone can also agree that it takes actually leaving your home to realize what a great place you have.

It’s been 3 1/2 years since I moved away from Vancouver (9 years since Vancouver Island) and I have heard 4 different responses when I tell people where I’m from:

1.  “What?  You left Vancouver to come here?  Why?  Usually it’s the other way around.” – Toronto

2.  “Vancouver?  Oh I love Vancouver.  It’s so beautiful, I can’t wait to go back.” – A little bit of everywhere

3.  “One day I want to go to Vancouver.  It’s definitely on my ‘Bucket List’.” – Detroit

4.  “Vancouver, Canada?  Where is that?  Did you like it in Canada?  Isn’t it really cold?” – Small town America

So, needless to say, that while everyone was questioning why I left (with the exception of those who I couldn’t take seriously), I’ve started to question why I left as well.  Sometimes I say, “Oh Vancouver”, with a long drawn out sigh.  All those people who have since moved away from Vancouver or those Vancouverites in the middle of summer patio weather, know exactly how I feel, and have probably made that same longing sigh.

Parksville Community Beach

Sproat Lake

Third Beach – Stanley Park

False Creek Marina – Yaletown

Now that you’ve seen the photos I just know that you’re making that same longing sigh…

During our two week trip to Vancouver, with 3 days on Vancouver Island, I reintroduced myself to my city.  It’s almost like meeting up with a friend that you haven’t seen in a while – you have a history together, but there are all of the little day to day details that you haven’t kept up with.  And then there are all of the new discoveries – when your good old childhood friend shares new stories, life philosophies and wisdom, which makes you think, ‘man, we should get together more often.”

This is the experience that I had.  A place so familiar and comforting; it was on its best behaviour and showed off its beauty, its energy, (its good weather), and it shared some old memories with me and gave me a lot of new ones.

Old Memories:

Goats on a roof, Mountainviews & Sand Castles

New Memories:

Wild bear sightings & boogie boarding in the Pacific Ocean.  Pretty much everything about Tofino, BC was a new discovery.




2 responses

30 08 2010

I know what you mean, I moved to Toronto from Italy…. yeah, I know!

31 08 2010

Toronto from Italy??!! You definitely know what I mean.

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