Westcoast Flavours

27 08 2010

If you’ve been to the Westcoast you know that it has a certain flavour.  Not only do the people have a laidback attitude and a sense of joie de vivre, but the food has a certain flair to it.  In a place where sushi restaurants are as common as coffee shops, wild salmon is the norm, and dim sum is one of the most popular Sunday family events, we definitely tried out a variety of culinary delights in Vancouver.

Steamed Mussels in Thai Curry Sauce

Fresh College Bay Oysters with lemon, fresh horseradish, and cocktail sauce

Har Gow (Shrimp Dumplings)

Local cheese and homemade fruit jams

Takoyaki with Bonito Flakes (deep fried octopus ball with dried fish flakes…I swear it was delicious)

Renkon Chips (some would say they’re better than potato chips!)

Assorted Sushi (note the deep red of the wild salmon sashimi – that’s what Salmon’s supposed to look like)

Terimayo Japadogs!!! (A Vancouver phenomenon – japanese style hot dogs complete with japanese mayo and seaweed flakes)




5 responses

27 08 2010

The dog shot is amazing, that is truly a perfect shot!

28 08 2010
Sally Kenawy

Oh my God Traci, my mouth is watering!!!! I miss the west coast and its amazing seafood! Especially SUSHI!!! I will continue to live vicariously through you =) =)

29 08 2010
Nicki Lee

Seeing your pics makes me miss home too! Wild salmon sushi is the best! And I really want to try that hotdog!

11 09 2010

I have to say… I eat those hot dogs regularly and LOVE them so much that it is like eating something new each time. Where is the Mussels in Thai Curry from??? and which sushi restaurant did you guys go to?

11 09 2010

Yeah I can see why you’d have cravings for those! Too bad they weren’t open after Kooza. The mussels were from Bridges on Granville Island, and the sushi from Tanpopo on Denman down at English Bay (right by the cupcake shop). I need to update the food blog….

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