Vacation Withdrawal

23 08 2010

Vacations are interesting things.   Sometimes one of the most exciting parts of them is the build up, that anticipation that you feel during those first few hours.   You’re officially on vacation and off of work, but you haven’t reached your vacation destination yet.  Those moments, when you feel all of that potential, have such a revitalizing effect.

I read in a magazine once that taking several long weekend holidays were more beneficial than taking a two week holiday because the anticipation of a holiday is just as important as the actual holiday.  I can believe that.

When you’re away for two weeks, it’s just enough time to adjust to a different way of life, before you realize that you have to go back to work again.  And then, those last few days go by achingly fast and you almost feel desperate to hold onto your vacation.  As you drive down the same roads that you did at the beginning of your trip you remember all of the excitement and adrenaline you felt that first time down the road when your vacation was nothing but a ‘To Do’ list, and you realize that the clock has kept ticking and your time is almost up.

You can probably guess that I’m feeling a bit of vacation withdrawal.  It’s hard to leave the Westcoast in general, but after a couple of weeks in Vancouver and Vancouver Island, I admit that it was a little emotional having to cross over the border, leaving Canada and returning to the US.  And even though it’s only been a week, the vacation is becoming a distant memory.  But as I flip through the photos and look at everything we ‘checked off our list’, I get those warm fuzzy feelings that you can only get from a fantastic vacation.




One response

27 08 2010

Traci, these are all stunning images. Thank you for sharing your time off….. and for coming back

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