Zero Sleeps to Disney

27 07 2010

It seems crazy to think that it’s been twenty years since I went to Disneyland.  How am I that old?

Regardless of how old I am the magic of Disneyland is still alive and well.  Staying at the Hilton that overlooks the park, seeing everyone come back with their mickey ears and stuffed animals, and watching the fireworks every night at 9:30pm sharp, would get anyone in the Disney mood.  So, when the day finally came, when we walked through that park entryway and the path opened up into the perfectly manicured Main Street, needless to say it all came flooding back.  As soon as we walked into the park I saw Goofy. Oh my gosh – now I remember.  I need to get an autograph – I need to chase all of the characters and get a photo taken with them after they sign my autograph book.

Whoa, slow down there.  We’re not 6 anymore.  I will admit that I was tempted when I saw Winnie the Pooh, and I actually went over to get a photo with Eeyore (but he had to get ready for the parade…)

The excitement of everything lasted until the reality of the “Disney line ups” sank in.  We’d been in the park for an hour and a half and succeeded in picking up a fastpass for Space Mountain, watching the Captain EO 3D show and standing in line for the park train ride.  We haven’t done anything!

After a 90 minute wait for the Indiana Jones Ride (which hadn’t been there when I was little) things picked up and we knocked off the Winnie the Pooh Ride, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, and Pinnochio’s Daring Ride.  Okay, so they’re not exactly the hot ticket rides, but they were still fun.  I got to show off my crazy driving skills off in Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.   We did take on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, which was my favourite then and it may be my favourite now.   And now let’s talk about the Matterhorn.  I may have blocked out that childhood memory entirely but now that I’m grown I think I may be a little too big for the ride.  It was a struggle to keep from knocking my knees into the seat in front of me and whipping my head back to hit Nathan in the face and this ride was fast.

I was sad to hear that there was no longer a light parade, but they do have a light show and of course, the nightly fireworks.  We took advantage of everyone’s distraction by running through the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and Space Mountain.

And with a final look at the Magic Kingdom we started the trek out of the park.

But, wait a minute.  What’s a trip to Disneyland if you don’t get lost.  Dodging through the crowds of tired families and strollers, I managed to dodge so well I got myself lost.  All of my childhood “what to do if you get lost” skills came back.  Stop. Move to the Side.  Scan the Crowd.  Stand in the highest elevation with the most light.  That didn’t work though, so as I let the crowd move me toward the final gates, I peered through the fence, hesitant to leave the park area, until I heard my name.  I’m Found!




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27 07 2010

I have never been 😦

27 07 2010

So far I’ve been to Disneyland & Disneyworld during tours over the past 2 years – we need to schedule in a trip for you! Today we went backstage Disney – we were “backstage” behind Toontown – pretty cool.

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