23 07 2010

We had the REAL B&B experience while we visited Hudson, NY last week.

The Croff House: a cute historical house with 5 suites, we stayed for 2 nights and most importantly, 2 breakfasts.  Mmmmm.

The first morning:  blueberry corn muffins, vanilla yogurt with fresh melon and candied ginger, the smoothest, fluffiest herb scrambled eggs, cajun home fries and bacon.

The second morning:  cheese popovers (my very first), vanilla yogurt with fresh plums and peaches, almond buttermilk pancakes with homemade fruit compote syrup and vanilla whipped cream.

Can you say delicious?  Who ever thought of a 3 course breakfast.  And I don’t even like scrambled eggs or pancakes, but this was fantastic!

We had to leave the B&B for dinners, but that didn’t stop us from finding some tasty treats.  We experienced some authentic swedish cooking with local ingredients – swedish meatballs at Daba.  And we ate dinner at Ca’Mae at their outdoor garden patio:  Charbroiled Wild Boar and Homemade Shrimp Linguine.




2 responses

23 07 2010

You know Josh is on his way there right now, tehe

23 07 2010

he should totally stay there!

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