Nothing in life is free

20 06 2010

Our role at Bonnaroo was to provide a cool lounge for artists to hang out in.  “Cool” not only because we had custom couches, flat screen tv’s and DJ Hero, but also because we kept the lounge at a “cool” 70 degrees with our handy dandy air conditioning units.  And, when outside is almost 100 degrees with high humidity, 70 degrees is a breath of fresh air.

We also welcomed all of the artists that performed at Bonnaroo to come in for a gifting opportunity for some free swag, which came in handy when people were looking for something new to wear onstage, OR something dry to wear after they finished performing.

But, as you know, there’s no such thing as “FREE”.  Our price:  autographing 2 t-shirts (one to be donated to Bonnaroo and auctioned off for charity and the other for the Rocawear office) and taking a photograph.  Not too steep of a price for a free outfit.

Needless to say, everyone loves free gifts and we had a chance to meet some very cool people.  As you can see from the shirts above, many many many people stopped by.  Comedians Jeffrey Ross and Andy Richter stopped by, as did some of the guys from Dave Matthews Band, Trombone Shorty (you may have seen him on HBO’s Treme) and Big Sam of Big Sam’s Funky Nation.




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