19 06 2010

Welcome to Bonnaroo!  A music festival that takes place on a farm in the middle of Tennessee and draws 85,000 people.  4 days of music, sunshine, humidity and dirt.  So…pretty much get used to feeling hot, sweaty and dirty, because that’s just what happens at a music festival at a Tennessee farm in the summer.

People were camped out in the Walmart parking lot and the HUGE traffic line up to get onsite was expected and rather than get frustrated, people used it as a bonding experience and the party started in traffic.  Apparently, the locals are not fans of the crowds that roll into town (locals call them ‘Woogies’) but Wal-Mart and all of the surrounding hotels LOVE them.

Once the festival starts on Thursday at noon it doesn’t stop until Sunday night.  Seriously.  There are performances 24 hours a day.  The majority of people camp onsite and there’s no reason to leave.

On Day 1 you could tell who had attended Bonnaroo before because they were wearing rubber rain boots.  Apparently it is a Bonnaroo tradition for it to rain during the festival and the amount of mud you have to walk through…well rain boots or any shoes that you can hose off were the appropriate footwear choice.

By Day 4….no one cared.  After 4 days of sunshine, ‘knock you off your feet’ humidity, battling crowds of fellow sweaty festival goers, lounging around on the grass (or dirt) listening to music, people just did not care.  You’re muddy, you’re dusty, you’re hot and you’re high on…..whatever people get high on at outdoor 24 hour/day music festivals.  The music right?

Let me clarify that we were at Bonnaroo for work.  And fortunately our party started in the Artist Hospitality Lounge, where we spent all of our days, and most of our nights.  The only place that had real air conditioning, right next to the hospitality bar, and, maybe the best part about being in the lounge area – flushable toilets!




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22 06 2010

That last one is very cool shot

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