Scenes from the Desert

31 03 2010

After walking through the neighbourhood in Parker, AZ we’ve come to realize that in the desert – Anything Goes.  And when I mean “Anything” I mean the most random things you can think of can be considered “yard art”.  It’s really quite amazing that walking past no more than 20 houses you can see little stone piglets rooting around in the garden, a trio of stone coyotes howling at the cactuses, and a submerged hippo, serpent and other unlikely animals in the desert.  There are native inspired wall hangings of the sun, the mythical creature Kokopelli and weird Native American head statues siting on top of a hill.  I think I even saw a rooster at one house.

The one thing that brought the most enjoyment and was the least bit surprising to see were the various types of cactuses (or is it cacti?)  For being a barren desert, this place is full of blooms (a result of so much spring rain this year).  Everywhere you look are bright pink cactus blooms.  The pink is so intense that even the camera can’t capture the full colour of the flowers.  The mountains are covered in new green growth and sage bushes and there are yellow and purple wildflowers sprinkled around the dessert.  This doesn’t even include the bright green paddle cactuses and pink barrel cactuses that are soaking up the sun.

And as the sun sets on the mountains and the daytime scenes fade away into the shadows, there’s a new scenery as the stars come our twinkling.  Every night I get a kink in my neck because I’m constantly looking up at all of the stars and watching the Easter Bunny appear in the full moon.




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