Nathan and Traci… Or is it?

31 03 2010

One afternoon Nathan and I took the boat out on the water to find a little cove to listen to music, sunbathe, and really just to enjoy the fact that we are on vacation.

We were soon joined by visitors.  A pair of ducks came by looking for snacks.  A brightly coloured “2 curl” Mallard and his sweet looking girl duck mate.  I named them Nathan and Traci.

While Nathan and I (the people) sat in the bow of the boat, Nathan said, “What’s flapping over there”, as he looked towards the back of the boat.  When I looked I saw the end of the towel flip over, and said, “It’s just the towel”.  Nathan didn’t believe me and I went to check it out and what did I see?  Little “Traci” had jumped up onto our boat and was flapping her wings.  I freaked out and then little “Traci” freaked out and flew off the boat.

I can’t believe it!  Do birds actually board boats here?  As I sat at the end of the boat talking to the ducks I could tell that she was going to do it again.  First “Traci” jumped up and when Nathan told me to leave her alone, little “Nathan” saw that they were welcome and what did he do?  He jumped right up on the boat as well.  Enough!  I yelled at them and they both dove off the boat.

But they circled the boat, like sharks circling their prey.  Soon little “Traci” had jumped back on the boat, and Nathan (the person) starts talking to her.  “Come on up then.  Come see what’s happening.  There’s nothing up here for you.”  As he extends a hand out to her he says, “Don’t slip”, as she waddles further and further into the boat.

As I watch all of this unfold (and take photos), I told Nathan, “She CANNOT jump down on the seat.  That’s too much for me, because then what if she can’t get back up and needs help, who’s going to help her get up….” So Nathan proceeds to tell her that we have commitment  issues and neither he nor she wants to commit to her jumping down on the seat.

Meanwhile, “Nathan” the Mallard, starts quacking up a storm and little “Traci” jumps off, joining him in the water.  And as they quack at each other and swim off into the distance it leads me to wonder what they are saying to each other.

And in my mind it goes something like this:

I bet I could get on that boat”

“You wouldn’t dare”

“Dare me!”

“Okay.  I Dare you”

“Excuse me, is this seat taken…:

If this doesn’t sound familiar, then go back and read a couple posts back, “Closing Down the Place” and you’ll see an almost identical conversation.  So it makes me wonder if these ducks aren’t “Nathan and Traci” Companions but “Nathan and Vanessa” Best Buds!




3 responses

8 04 2010

Makes the girl duck see if it’s safe first, huh typical!

8 04 2010

Tell me about it. She totally took the lead!

28 04 2010

I can’t believe Nathan is afraid of a little ole duck. Chicken.

That’s right. I said it. And managed to stay in the same animal family with my insult! Ha!

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