Spring Time in Chicago

23 03 2010

Last week in Chicago we witnessed a weather phenomenon.  One day it was sunny and 65 degrees and the next day it was snowing and 30 degrees.  We had just left New Jersey after the massive rain storm and on the way out of town we saw flooded houses.  But what really got to me was the sight of 15 deer stranded on a piece of high ground amidst the floodlands!   What is happening with this weather?

Luckily, we took full advantage of our day off in Chicago when it was 65 degrees and sunny.

First off – LUNCH. We came across a place called The Melting Pot – a little fondue place below street level that had a ton of ambiance.  After following the server’s recommendations we enjoyed a spinach and artichoke cheese fondue appetizer with bread, chips and apples to dip.  And in the photo below is our Pacific Fondue entree with duck, beef tenderloin, pork, chicken and shrimp with potatoes, mushrooms and broccoli all to cook in a seasoned fondue broth.  We decided that it’s a great date experience  – but only if you actually like the person because it’s definitely not a quick meal.

After lunch we headed down to Navy Pier and saw this lake view of Lake Michigan, and the reason why people love Chicago so much with 10 miles of lakefront walking trails.

As we walked along the main Navy Pier walkway we decided to hop on a boat tour as a way to see the city.  Turns out we were just in time for an Architecture Tour on the River.  We spent an hour on a riverboat learning about the history of all of the skyscrapers in the downtown Chicago area.  I haven’t heard so much about post modernism (or PoMo as we used to call it) since school.   Below is a photo of the old Sears Tower.




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28 04 2010

Ah PoMo. That takes me back.

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