H to the Izzo V to the Izza

20 03 2010

The Jay Z concert in Chicago marks the end of the road for our tour.  But after 7 weeks of touring from Las Vegas to Boston and making just a few stops in between (Dallas, New Orleans, Atlanta, NYC, Norfolk, etc), I can now say that I have found a video game that I am addicted to.

The recent addition to our tour – DJ Hero.  Now, I’ve traditionally been more of a Tetris girl, and I haven’t really touched Guitar Hero or Rockband, with the exception of singing a melody or two, and I would honestly say that I enjoy watching people play video games a lot more than I like playing them.   But there is something about this game that called to me.  It could be my interest in hard core rap and my aspirations to be a DJ – obviously kidding.

Seriously now, you wouldn’t even recognize me when I’m in my zone, working the fader and scratching to my Jay Z and Eminem playlists with guys crowding around me saying “aww man, she’s killing it“, or with 3 members of the NYPD asking me to ‘show them how it’s done’.

I realized my true addiction during this last Chicago tour.  To celebrate our last show we went into the concert to see Jay and ended up with floor seats, so we were 7 rows from the stage.  While we were waiting for Jay to perform I thought about how crazy it was that I knew people sitting around us – which made sense since we were the ones that were giving out these tickets just the day before – but it was still crazy to run into people you recognize in an arena of thousands.

As Jay went through his setlist I knew a couple of his recent popular songs – Empire State of Mind, Death of the Auto Tune, but didn’t know a lot of them.  And then I would hear the opening of a song and think ‘oh, I know this one’. But how do I know it – from the video that we play constantly in the truck?  No.  And I start singing along, ‘H to the Izzo, V to the Izza’.  Why do I know the words? And this is when it hits me – my addiction has come to life – I know these songs from my constant DJ Hero playing.  I’ve decided to cut myself off.  Not because the tour has come to an end and the DJ Hero will be packed up for months on end.  It’s my decision….Really!

Here are some photos from 7 rows up:




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