Closing Down the Place

10 02 2010

Another night at Wolfgang’s Steakhouse and another morning cursing Ralph’s name.  

Why oh why can we never resist the never-ending glass of wine?

We invited some good friends to join us for dinner this time around and it added a whole new dynamic to our evening.  First off, there’s nothing better than bringing friends together (and having it work out, instead of sitting through awkward silences).  

Nathan and I got to spread the delicious taste of the Canadian bacon appetizer, which they loved.  However, I shared a piece with a “Happy Hour Goer” and he was not a fan, so he didn’t last long in our group.  But it could have also been because Ralph scared him off.  After I offered this “Happy Hour Goer” a piece of bacon he started chatting me up and then turned around and said, “and that, my friends, is how you do it”.  What??!  Do people actually say that?  I thought that only happened in the movies.

Tonight we had a special treat – Wolfgang of Wolfgang’s came to the restaurant for dinner and he came by and said hello and shook all of our hands.  At the front of the restaurant he sat with all of his friends and family.  It was a big deal – the “Owners” table.   So it was quite a surprise when we ended up sitting at that table later on in the night (more like the early hours of the morning).   It all started when Patron shots were shared between one of their group and one of our group.   It progressed when I overheard a conversation that went a little bit like… “dare me!  OK – I dare you!…..excuse me, is this seat taken….”  What I didn’t hear was, “There’s an empty chair over there, you should go sit there…..No I can’t…..Do it”.  So with one foot in the door, or rather, one bum on the seat, we ended up sitting at ‘The Owners’ table and sharing a delicious glass of wine. 

Let’s just say that by the time we left, the restaurant was empty, the bartenders had long since changed into their street clothes and the steak and desserts that we’d had for dinner were a distant memory.




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