Mcflurries are not worth it

30 01 2010

I made a New Year’s Resolution (and I’m making Nathan follow it as well). 

It’s time to curb my sweet tooth.  When I asked Nathan how many desserts/week we had….4…..5, he stopped me right there.  No need to count them, let’s just say….a lot.  In an effort to cut down on our dessert intake we have a couple new rules this year:

1.  No lunch time desserts

2.  Cut back to  2….or should it be 3 desserts/week (to which Nathan said, why did you bump it up to 3 so quickly?)

3.  Nathan’s rule:  Desserts on Wednesday and Friday.  I vetoed this rule.  What happens if we’re on the  road, I will not waste one of my dessert nights on a McFlurry!

4.  All World Famous Dessert places are exempt from the rules.  I vetoed this rule as well – we’re always somewhere with a world famous keylime pie, red velvet cake, etc

So official rules: No lunch time desserts.  2 Desserts/week

Now, you might laugh (as many have when I told them these rules) that we even have to make rules to cut down on our dessert in take.  But what you don’t realize is that I have no self-restraint.  In my previous life I just didn’t buy junk food and rarely bought sweets, so when I went out for dinner I was all about the desserts.  Now, eating in restaurants all of the time, it’s like an unlimited kitchen – so many options and I just can’t help it.  I’m weak!

It’s been 4 weeks and we’ve actually stuck to our new rules.  Although I will admit that sometimes I linger at the chocolate aisle at grocery stores, or gaze longingly at the ice cream flavours.  But, now I look at a dessert menu and say, ‘nope, nothing on this menu is worth a dessert night’.

The funny thing now is that once Sunday comes along, although in the past I felt a sense of dread at a new work week, now, I feel such happiness that the week is over and another dessert week begins!




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