A Year in Review

10 01 2010

A review of my ‘Things To Do’ List for 2009:

–   See a Presidential Inauguration  √

–   Attend the AVN afterparty at LAX in Las Vegas  √

–   Go scuba diving in Mexico and inadvertently act like a dying fish to attract a barracuda  √

–  Learn how to sail without falling overboard  √

–  Live in New York City for 4 months of the year √

–  Pet dolphins

As of December 30, 2009, I had one more item to check off my list – Pet Dolphins.  The original plan was to spend the last few days of 2009 in Corpus Christi, TX on a sailboat amid waters full of frolicking dolphins – THIS WAS MY CHANCE!! 

After one afternoon of sailing, and one night sleeping in the V Berth (note to self: my habit of sleeping diagonally does not work in a v berth), the weather turned and it was cold and rainy so we all packed up and headed to warmer climates.  The closest I got to dolphins was watching them follow our ferry, feeding on the fish it churned up. 

But I am nothing if not determined to reach the goals that I set for myself.   And since we ended up in San Antonio, TX for Dec. 31st – SEAWORLD here we come!

A whole pool full of dolphins frolicking and just waiting for me to come by and pet them (and perhaps toss them a few fish as well).   I was ready to go with 8 fish, ready to feed and pet at least 4 different dolphins.  Well, someone had a different plan for me.  This chubby dolphin (the biggest one in the pool) picked me to be his meal ticket and would not let me go.  I fed him a couple of fish, just barely skimmed my fingertips on his forehead, and tried to move down the pool side to see other dolphins.  Not only did he follow me, but he got mad at me and flicked water at me.  Seriously, I got told off by a dolphin!  But, I did reach my goal and checked off that last item on my list. 

Not only did we spend time with the dolphins at Seaworld but we fed the sealions, and saw the Seamore & Clyde show and Shamu!




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