Stars of Hollywood

31 12 2009

I leave you with some funny little stories from LA. 

While in LA for our tour our client teamed up with one of the winner’s of Bravo’s Top Chef, Ilan Hall.  While we were onsite at our event a lady walks up to Ilan and starts to tell him how her husband looks EXACTLY like him.  Then she starts yelling down the street, ‘Allen!  Allen!  Get over here.”  She pulls this guy with a handlebar mustache over, who, by the way, looks nothing like Ilan.  And says, ‘Look at that – like twins.  Well, maybe not right now, but usually you guys look exactly alike.  If he were wearing his glasses now it would be better.’  Ilan was a good sport and gave his glasses to Allen (which defeats the purpose since there is still one wearing glasses and the other isn’t), and took some photos.  Very funny. 

My second story:  Anna Nicole Smith’s Baby Daddy came by.  Enough Said.




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