A Christmas Miracle

31 12 2009

We spent Christmas in Parker, Arizona aka my place of ultimate tranquility.  

Every day something random would occupy all of our attention.  One day it was toy helicopters (the family seriously doubts my flying ability, I believe the words ‘kamikaze pilot’ were mentioned once or twice).   Another day we focused on all of the Christmas presents that have been given in the past, and the phrase, ‘It’s the thought that counts’ became the token phrase of the day. 

On one specific day I looked out the window and saw something fluttering on the ground – I thought it was a leaf.  Until I looked closer, and then I freaked out, ‘hummingbird down!  hummingbird down!’  There was a hummingbird flailing on the ground under the feeder.  It looked like his wing was broken, sprained or dislocated.  We brought him inside and did what any other helpful person would do – we took pictures of him. 

Nathan was ready to “end it”.  You know what I mean.   Before we could resort to that, we took him to the front yard near the rosemary bushes and left him while we went for a walk.  When I got back, the feeder had been brought down to him and he had been placed on it.  Although done with the best of intentions, there was no way he could feed where he was placed.  So, being the lover of hummingbirds that he is, Nathan’s dad went out to help our little friend out.  He moved him to a better position, and with a quick drink of the feeder, all of a sudden the hummingbird took flight.  It’s a Christmas Miracle!  For the rest of the day all we heard was, ‘These hands have healing powers!’




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