Dressed for the Holidays

10 12 2009

Dressed up for the holiday season, New York City was decked out in all of its glittery refinement during my visit last week.   The annual Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting took place on Wednesday, December 2nd, and although I didn’t watch the lighting itself (because it was pouring down rain) I did catch a glimpse of it as I drove past at 11pm that same evening.  Surprise, surprise – the streets were still bustling with people.  

It was a treat to experience New York during the holiday season and as I should have expected; the city definitely dressed to impress.  I couldn’t help but notice that not only does the city string lights on the trees that line the streets, but every single branch and twig of these trees is lighted up so it does in fact look like a tree made of lights, rather than a tree with lights on it. 

Even though I’ve been to New York more times than I can count during the past year, it seems like every time I go the city renews itself in my eyes.  There are so many different neighbourhoods to explore with such different vibes.  This trip was all about Chelsea (The Meatpacking District) and Tribeca.  We made our ritual jaunt back to Wolfgang’s Steakhouse in Tribeca to visit our favourite bartender, Ralph.   We couldn’t stay away from the wine, or the thick slabs of Canadian Bacon, and ended up back there for lunch a few days later.   As we explored The Meatpacking District, and watched the drunken revelry that ensues each weekend, we found a tiny little restaurant (just steps away from our friend’s apt) called Pad Thai (www.padthaibox.com).  In this little restaurant on 8th ave & W 16th street we found a tasty little treat of homemade coconut ice cream with sticky rice.  This treat was so tasty with its blend of flavours and textures that we ordered a second one as soon as we finished the first.  Talk about gluttony.




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