Olympic Frenzy

17 11 2009

The olympic Frenzy has begun! 

After a cumulative 10 hours of waiting in the digital waiting room to buy Vancouver 2010 Olympic tickets, FINALLY, I got randomly chosen by the computer to make my Olympic dreams come true!!  Yes!  Opening Ceremony here I come! 

Only to find out that by the time I made it through the system, there was actually nothing to buy.  I shouldn’t say that really, there was ONE (1) Opening Ceremony ticket available for $1,100.  Just a little bit out of my price range.

I’m only going to be in town for 2 days during the games, so, just to say that I did it, I bought 2 tickets to a Preliminary Women’s Hockey Game.  Sweden vs Switzerland.  Erin Tramble and I have decided that we shall root for Sweden in loyalty to our beloved Ikea. 

See you at the games.




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