One Year Older

15 09 2009

One year older and many adventures wiser.  True to form as nomad travelers, Nathan and I spent our birthdays with two very different adventures during our coast to coast travels.

Moab, UT 276


Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you……” and with an extra ‘cha cha cha’, my birthday festivities began.  A leisurely morning spent with family and chick-fil-a specials, and an afternoon of pampering was topped off with an evening in downtown Dallas.   To mark the occasion we traveled 560 ft into the sky to experience Dallas at Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant, five-sixty, Dallas’ only rotating restaurant.  We took up prime real estate at the bar, right where all of the action was near the entrance, and much to our surprise, when we looked back we were no longer by the entrance, but looking into the kitchen.   Very cool way to experience Dallas, with the skyline constantly changing.


After a walk on the observation deck, the museum of the Dallas skyline’s history and watching a spraypaint artist create an intergallactic masterpiece, it was off to bed, another year older.


During our travels we often come across hidden gourmet treasures, and this time would be no exception.  Walking along the streets of Moab, Utah passing jeep after jeep ready for a day of off-roading, kayaks and white water rafting equipment, and lots of European tourists ready to battle with nature, we were very suprised to come across a little restaurant in an old ranch house called The Desert Bistro. Even more surprising, we were able to eat on a candlelit patio (with the resident cat I tried to befriend) and enjoy a meal of seared ahi tuna, braised antelope, poached duck and a blackberry napolean.  With the views of the towering canyons and a full moon, it was a great night.

The next morning, on Nathan’s actual birthday, we woke up bright and early and experienced what Moab is really all about with a 5 hour Jet Boat tour of the Colorado River, looking at ancient petroglyphs and pictographs etched into the cliffs, petrified trees, and using our imagination to turn the oddly shaped stones into plump french chefs named Gaston.

Moab, UT 179

Moab, UT 178

Moab, UT 262

Moab, UT 258
A great birthday adventure before hitting the road to drive through the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, and finally end our day admist the cornfields of Iowa…




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