New York Natives

20 08 2009

Who would have thought that a year ago, I had never been to “The Big Apple”, the ‘city that never sleeps’, New York City.  Who would have thought that I would be able to walk into a store and see a picture on the wall and know exactly where in NYC that picture was taken.  Who would have thought that I could watch an episode of Sex in the City and remember strolling by that very restaurant.

The time has come that I truly feel like a New York Native.

And, like true New York Natives, we avoid Times Square at all costs, and while walking down the streets find ourselves saying ‘keep walking, ugh get these tourists out of here!’

In the cumulative 3+ months that we’ve spent in the city, we’ve been store keepers in Brooklyn, wandered around churches in the Bronx, sipped martinis and eaten at the Spice Market in Manhatten, and rubbed shoulders with Mayor Bloomberg in Harlem.  There is only one more boro left to conquer – QUEENS.

Our latest adventure:  Vacationing at the Jersey Shores on Long Beach Island (or LBI as the locals call it)

We spent a 24 hour period at our good friends’ beach house in Beach Haven, New Jersey.  It was a jam packed day of beach combing, wave jumping, celebrity sighting (only a Real NJ Housewife), crabbing, and drinking with good friends.

the beach - before

the beach - after



boogie boarding

And, I’m not sure if you’ve ever crabbed before, but let me tell you that the ghetto way of crabbing works just as well as the real way.  The ‘real way’ being with fish as bait.  The ‘ghetto way’ being with a raw chicken leg and a can of tuna with holes poked in it.

Overall, a wonderful way to spend a Saturday in August…





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