Happy Canada Day!

1 07 2009

It’s ironic that on Canada Day I am in New York talking about Black American History.  But, that is what I am doing.

In honour of Canada Day, I will be using the Canadian spellings (honour vs honor) and am wearing a white skirt and eating red licorice.

Unfortunately there are no fireworks today anywhere around here, but I did make an effort to celebrate Canada Day in the way of Windsorians and Detroitians….on Wednesday June 24th.  Since the Detroit River is right in the middle of downtown Detroit and downtown Windsor, it’s only fitting that the celebratory fireworks evening have no favouritism to any country, but to celebrate on its own date.

Nathan and I celebrated June 24th by taking the sailboat out for our maiden voyage all by ourselves.  We yelled out “helms allee” and “jibe ho”.  I believe those are actual sailing terms, but we could have been making it up as we were going, nonetheless, we survived, had a great sail and proved that we could actually handle the sailboat by ourselves.

After our sail we made our way to a parking garage in downtown Detroit to a VIP fireworks party that we had been invited to.  It turns out we were more VIP than we thought.  On our way down we got caught going back and forth between police barricades in a 2 block strip. In the end we ended up getting a police escort to the event.  It didn’t look as cool as it sounds:  1.  We were in a mini van  2.  Our police escort was a police officer on a bike.

But, this is what our Canada Day/Independence Day Celebration looked like:Mt. Clemens 076

Mt. Clemens 094

Mt. Clemens 102

Mt. Clemens 153

Mt. Clemens 150

Mt. Clemens 178




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