Sailing: Pure Ectasy Interrupted by Moments of Terror

3 06 2009

Below you see blue skies, almost turquoise lakewater, fluffy white clouds and sails full of wind.  Looks like a dream doesn’t it?

First sailing day 101

First sailing day 096

First sailing day 094

First sailing day 014

First sailing day 073

Read the title of this blog once again!

If I was a nail biter, my nails would have been bitten.  While Nathan was scrambling around the boat in his bare feet, taking photos and loving life, I was sitting a little nervously, sussing out the situation.  Let’s remind everyone that I don’t know how to swim, so sailing on this 25 foot boat is definitely out of the ordinary. 

We put the boat to the test and kept sailing it into the wind to see how far the boat would keel over, how much wind would fill the sail, and how constant the boat’s safety is – when the boat has had too much, the sails will dump the wind and the boat will right itself. 

We spent 6 hours out on the water, and just as we were heading back in and taking down the sails, well… let’s just say we put on a show for the fisherman.  Somehow we were all on one side of the boat.  Somehow we had both the jib sheet and the main sheet pulled tight as we steered into the wind.  Somehow we were broadsided and the boat tipped so far over that the rails were in the water.  Loyd was up front laughing and yelling instructions (he didn’t seem too worried and thought this was an excellent teachable moment), Lynn was staring right into the water in disbelief, Nathan jumped to the other side of the boat to try to balance some of the weight and get control of the helm, and I found myself sitting on the floor in the middle of the boat thinking ‘where is my life jacket?!!’

All in all, we loosened the sails, the boat righted itself, we brought the sails in, and we spent another 2 hours on the boat while we were parked in the marina, going over the day’s events and relaxing with a cold drink and some m&ms.

A very challenging first sail.




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