Sailing Lessons 101

29 05 2009

Lesson #1:  In sailing, all ropes have names

Lesson #2: Do not turn left when you mean to turn right

Lesson #3:  Try not to flip the boat over the first time you sail it and scare everyone half to death

The Rocky Comfort has landed, and we went out for our first sailing trip last night.  At the Jefferson Beach Marina, Nathan, Lynn, Loyd and I successfully got the boat into the water, into our slip and sailed our first sail in the Great Lakes.  It was a fun first trip out, and I may have scared everyone when I took the helm and we keeled over so much that it looked like I knew what I was doing.  It turns out that when Loyd says, “this boat will NOT flip over. When it keels over too much, the sail will dump out the wind and right itself” he’s right, and I definitely put it to the test. 

Cheers to the Rocky Comfort!

Sailing 167

Sailing 154

Sailing 202

Sailing 211



Sailing 221

My first step onboard.




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