Goodbye Brooklyn…

8 05 2009

Okay, let’s get serious now and talk about the real Brooklyn experiences. 

It’s a whole different culture over there, where the most popular male clothing size is a 38 pant and 2XL shirt, where everything is  “hey mama, how you doin“, and the girls talk about how their “booty’s kickin and their boobs are poppin’. ” It always amazed me how many things the women could hold in their bras.  I would be ringing up sales, and all of a sudden out pops a cell phone, and then out pops a whole envelope of money.  I had to take a second glance, and in my head I was thinking ‘how did that fit in there?’.  I honestly don’t get it! 

Brooklyn, ny 021Brooklyn, ny 020Brooklyn, ny 014

Another thing about our Brooklyn experience EVERYONE knows Jay.  We had a constant flow of traffic coming through of people who used to go to school with him, who babysat in the same building that he lived in, that used to work with him way back when, even his ‘third cousin Monica’ said “waz up?”. 

Let me tell you about the day of all days.  It shall forever be known as “The Day We Couldn’t Leave Brooklyn“.  Everything starts out very normal that day.  We were going to head into the city via NJ transit and catch a cab into Brooklyn to get the truck all wrapped up and drive it back out to Jersey.  The bus ride went smoothly.  As soon as we got into a cab at the Port Authority the cab driver said, “It’s my first day“. Not a good sign.

First we got stuck in some crazy traffic on 34th street. The cab driver was fiddling with his GPS unit, in the end, we ended up programming it for him.  But you really can’t rely on a GPS in the city – no satellite reception.  So, just when I think we’re heading in the right direction, our cab driver gets yelled at by a pedestrian who tells him to get out of the bus lane so they can get on their bus.  So flustered was the cab driver, that he ends up almost squishing another cab driver in between his cab and the other.  The GPS finally starts working, but the driver doesn’t listen to it, and we miss our turn onto the Brooklyn bridge.  Once we get over to Brooklyn we point out the big black truck on the left corner.  That is our destination.  Turn left here.  He turns RIGHT.  OK, this isn’t going well. Finally Nathan says, ‘just stop the car.  pull over right here!”  The cab driver was surprised when he didn’t get a tip. 

We take care of the truck easily, and we’re off.  Only to get stopped 5 minutes into our journey because the Interstate is blocked off due to a Tri-Boro Bike Race.  So we get redirected in the other direction, take the first exit, and end up in the middle of CRAZY traffic.  People were actually trying to put their cars in reverse and back down the on-ramp. 

Just when we thought we were on the right track – the Interstate was blocked off in this direction as well and we were getting dumped right back where we started.  But this time we couldn’t take the turn as easily, and there might have been some strong words with the police and illegal cone touching.  Anyway, we ended up lost in the tiny streets of Brooklyn until we get into this narrow construction zone on our way to the Interstate (for the third time).  I look up and there’s an underpass…. 12′ ~ .  Twelve foot squiggle??  We’re 13’ 6″, this isn’t going to work.  For whatever reason the underpass wasn’t marked right, just as we go under I hear a ‘crunch, crunch, crunch’. 

Turns out a little Toyota turned her wheels to get into our lane and our tires bumped.  She knocked off 3 decorative caps off our tires, and she gets to be the lucky person that gets hit by an 18 wheel tractor trailer with no damage! 

After 4 1/2 hours, we finally make it out of Brooklyn and back to our hotel.  We drove a total of 41 miles.




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23 07 2009

Wow! Awesome site guys! Very detailed. The pictures are terrific. The boat looks much bigger that 25 feet. Nathan looks like a regular “squid” driving it. Actually, it’s a beautiful boat, hope you guys get lots of time to enjoy it. Hope your’re having a good time on the road. Please keep in touch. Thanks.

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