The Parade of the Easter Bonnets

14 04 2009

After a very rainy and dreary Saturday, Easter Sunday morning came through bright and sunny.  Nathan and I decided to head into the city and see if we could crash some easter egg hunts in Central Park.  But alas, all those eager, chocolate-hungry kids beat us to the hunt, so we settled for a nice lunch at The Empire State Building.

After lunch we wandered down 5th avenue, battling the crowds that were soaking up the sun on the sunny side of the street (I think I may have seen tumbleweeds on the other sidewalk that was shaded by the buildings).  It was really sunny, but the wind was kicking and it was freezing!  We spent some time soaking up the sun on the steps of the NYC Public Library.  As we sat there it started getting a lot busier, then there were whispers of an Easter Parade.  Well, after sitting for a while and realizing that the streets were definitely not closed, we took off…to be greeted by closed off streets.  Pedestrianized Streets! My favourite kind – I love walking in the middle of streets.   Now, I’m not sure if we just missed out on the Easter Parade, or if there is at all, but we happened upon the Parade of the Easter Bonnets.


Pretty much anyone who wanted to could get dressed up and put on a big hat and people would want to take photos of you.  One woman had dressed her child up in an Easter Bunny costume and was yelling “Help the Easter Bunny go to college – $1 donation!

Needless to say, it was a little crazy.  We finally did make it to Central Park, where we watched little kids slide down these rock cliffs on their bums – entertainment has definitely changed since I was young.


For Easter dinner we ended up at The Palm Steakhouse (, which has original cartoons drawn on the restaurant walls.  The story is, the original restaurant was right near the New York Times, and the cartoonists from The Funnies would go eat there, and although they couldn’t afford the meal, their payment would be a cartoon on the wall.

Fantastic Meal!  We both had charbroiled New York Strip steaks! Buzzing off steak, red wine and too much of a good thing, we headed back Jersey.




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