livin’ like locals

11 04 2009

Now, if you read my previous post you may be asking yourself  “WHY, were you not there for Beyonce?” 

I know, I know – I’m kicking myself too.  But rather than stay at the truck all day when it was definitely not necessary, Nathan and I decided to enjoy the local flavour.  We took ourselves on a walk and enjoyed the day like many other Manhattan locals. 

Probably 5 minutes into our walk we (well, Nathan) got distracted by all of the fancy cars that were showing themselves off in the Meat Packing District.  Bentleys, Mercedes, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, etc.   Let’s just say, everyone was out showing their Sunday Best.   la-botegga

10 minutes into our walk, we got distracted by the allure of a rooftop patio with something called a “Bloody Maritime” and the wildest wild mushroom thincrust pizza we’ve had.  There was a twig/branch in the pizza – definitely not expected, but it didn’t dampen the enjoyment of the afternoon. 




 After our lunch we headed to the water. We enjoyed a nice sunny spring afternoon by walking along the Chelsea Pier amide the rollar bladers, bicyclists, runners, walkers, dogs, etc.  We saw this one lady who seemed to be a kind of attraction, however I don’t think she knew that she was.  She was a small asian woman walking 2 little fluffy dogs, but she had on this HUGE feathered hat that was blowing in the wind.  At first I thought, well, it takes all types, but then when people randomly came up to take pictures of her and/or her dogs, I thought, should we know this person?  Is the strange hat like the crazy swan dress that Bjork wore to one of the award shows? 


By now, it was getting to be about 5pm so we stopped for a snack at a coffee shop and, tired from our very busy day of car watching, eating, and pier strolling, we decided that it was nap time.   Off came the shoes and on came the sunglasses.  There’s nothing better than taking a nap on the grass and basking in the light of the fading sun. 



 After a nice nap and some picture taking, we brushed ourselves off and headed back to the truck.  When we got back, THAT is when we found out that we had missed out on the excitement of the afternoon.  We had to console ourselves with mini cheeseburgers and milkshakes at Pop Burger (, a self pro-claimed ‘glamorous burger joint’. 






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