Jay, B & Me

10 04 2009


I start off with this photo because this, my friend, is the money shot.  Let me set the scene for you:

New York City….


Pouring Rain….

The Meat Packing District…

Amid all of these narrow one-way streets and decorative marshmallow shaped boulders, rolls a big black 18 wheel tractor trailer.  Little would anyone think that no more than 12 hours later, the streets would be packed with paparazzi (well, let’s say 10 paparazzi), the RW pop shop would be filled with the new summer men’s and women’s line and Jay would be hanging out playing x box with me (and when I say with me, I actually mean I helped set the system up, chatted with him for a couple of minutes and then got the hell out of the way, because who are we kidding – I don’t know how to play x-box!). 







So everything went extremely well with the event.  The Meat Packing District would exactly be the target market, BUT we definitely made an impact on all of the european tourists that were around. 

Two days later the streets really were flooded with paparazzi.  (note the limited edition bag that was made specifically for the pop shop)



































Now… if only we had been there to see the craziness that their lunchtime visit caused…




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