Feeling American…

8 02 2009

I’m in Springfield, IL currently – in town for Abraham Lincoln’s birthday and his bicentennial celebrations.  Lots of people in town for the festivities and word on the street is that President Obama is going to be laying a wreath at Lincoln’s tomb on his birthday.  It just so happens that I am sitting in a mobile museum exhibit right across from the Lincoln tomb. So we shall see if there are any presidential sightings. 


Last night I ended up spontaneously going to the symphony.  The Springfield Symphony Orchestra was playing a tribute to Abraham Lincoln.  It was very good, and I even spotted my good old friend – the bass clarinet.  Oh how I miss those bass tones.  Anyway, I was feeling a little too American, what with being at Lincoln’s hometown and final resting place for his birthday and staying in the Abraham Lincoln Hotel, so, to the symphony, I wore green.  No red, white or blue for me!

One other thing before I head back to the exhibit – I forgot to tell all my stories about being in DC for the Inauguration.  No time for that now, but here are some photos of the big day!






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