Celebrity Sighting

8 11 2008

Very quick note:

Yesterday we opened up the pop up store at the Nets game, and we got the word that Jay Z was going to come down to see the store.  At first the email just said “Jay” was confirmed to be there at 7pm, and since we have a merchandiser named Jay from Atlanta who was supposed to be there, well, I thought nothing of it.

Well, the black car rolled up and “Jay” and his bodyguard came strolling through and just took a look around, sat down and just chilled with the RW corporate people.  Big surprise for all the people that were already in the store!  He ended up coming in again during half time with friends and he was showing them around and taking photos of the outside.  It’s great that he’s excited about it.

The funniest part was watching everyone’s reactions.  There were people that just went up to shake his hand, some just screamed and got flustered and stared at him, others were shopping right next to him and didn’t seem to notice.  One of the girls asked us if that was him or if her eyes were tricking her, and another guy, while buying a shirt, asked if there was anyway that he’d ever be able to meet Jay Z, to which I replied, ‘well he’s right over there…’

Anyway, it was very cool that he showed up, we had a quick hello when he came in, but otherwise I was busy keeping an eye on the floor and selling things.  All in all a fun night.




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