Where in the World?

6 10 2008

It has been a dizzy last 24 hours, but definitely a sneak peak as to the new path that my life has taken. 48 hours ago I thought that I would be heading off to Orlando Florida right now, thinking about how many autographs I would be getting from the characters at Disney World.  Instead, I have experienced 3 different states since then.  One call from the boss, and plans change drastically.

Sunday afternoon I enjoyed brunch at the Abraham Lincoln Hotel and took a stroll down the streets of Springfield, walking the steps of the old President Lincoln (who is celebrating his bicentennial next year), and touching famous landmarks, while sporting my new Oakley shades.

What does one do after brunch with Lincoln?  One goes to St. Louis, Missouri to take photos by the Arch and have dinner on a rooftop patio.  (I couldn’t wait, I took a bite of the creme brulee before I could get the camera out)

And what does one do after a candlelit dinner overlooking the “Gateway to the West”? You almost get on a flight to Chicago, when you’re supposed to be hopping on a flight to Detroit, Michigan to head back to the office to have conversations about a Pop Up Store for Jay Z’s clothing line and strategize on how to promote museum exhibits.

So now, I sit in a hotel room, watching Gossip Girl, thinking that I’ve only been in this new life for 3 weeks as of today, but already I have been called “the spice of Springfield”!




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